An onsite draftsman department, consisting of one engineer and two designers enables Paramount Trailers to meet unique
preferences, in a timely manner and provide leading innovation and cost effective solutions.

Our technological infrastructure allows the drafters to design the trailer, but it is the team’s significant knowledge of the industry that enables them to prepare variations of the design. All drawings provide specifications, required materials and technical details. The designs will address customer requirements and consider the anticipated trailer usage and transportation. This paired with constant innovation and industry knowledge of Paramount Trailers brings about industry leading design recommendations.

All major repairs are performed from Paramount Trailers main manufacturing facility based in Klipriver, just south of Johannesburg. We understand that while your trailer is being repaired, it is not generating an income. Therefore, all repairs are undertaken professionally and efficiently, ensuring the trailer is on the road promptly.

Minor repairs that may be required throughout South Africa or the SADC region are carried out by a network of reputable and longstanding Paramount Trailers suppliers, contractors and partners.

The refurbishing division is a new onsite facility that is fully equipped to handle any form of refurbishing or change required by our customer. We do accept that refurbishing is an important side of the business as it provides clients with an economical solution to extending the life and usage of their trailers.

Our high standards of quality control are just as applicable in this department as they are in manufacturing. Trailer modifications will be performed when a customer decides to use the trailer for a different purpose than initially intended.

Selected clients commissioning a new trailer may be given the option of a trade-in or assistance in selling the trailer through a wide sales network should this be required.

Paramount Trailers provides a 12-month warranty on the mechanical structure of their new trailers and covers all workmanship. A free 10,000 km or 3 month, whichever comes first, service is provided to ensure that the trailer is functioning at an optimal level.

Please read through our T&C's, and Warranty Agreements
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